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About Matthew Vita

I'm Matthew Vita, a project administrator of OpenEMR (open source medical system) and software engineer in open source. I've been obsessed with open source software since I was 16 years old. Back in those days, I spent my homework time exploring lightweight Linux distributions and various open source packages using old parts.

It is great to see the world opening up to the freeing and scientific principles of open source for all kinds of users.

Your small donation helps with my open source contributions, various leadership tasks, as well as public independent experimentation and research work.

OpenEMR-Cloud: A production grade solution for facilities and hospitals to run their OpenEMR v5 installation in the Amazon cloud.
cTAKES Rest Service: A JSON-based rest service to process unstructured clinical text through a smart natural language processing system.
Awesome Health: Co-maintainer. A curated list of awesome open source health software, libraries, tools and resources.
Spring Boot Private Chat: 1-1 instant messaging project designed to demonstrate WebSockets in a load-balanced environment.
Persona Scripts: A new way to equip various kinds of computer users with exceptional software and curated resources.
Angular to React/Redux: An educational resource for Angular v1 experts that are looking to learn React/Redux.
OpenEMR Product Registration: REST backend that allows new and current OpenEMR users to register their product with OEMR 501(c)(3) to receive important software update and security patch email updates.
Node HL7 Complete: Node module that is bridged with the Java Hapi HL7 library.
OpenEMR Project Manager: I contribute to the OpenEMR project as an administrator.

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