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I'm not your average Patreon 'content creator'.

I am an artist, with a wide range of skills - from traditional to digital.  I have a long track record making videos, games, and still art, and I would like to push that further into more ambitious territory.  I have enough ways to earn money that I am capable of completing all of my creative projects on my own, without your help. So I don't exactly need your pledges to finish what I'm working on.  But: my projects will move forward roughly 25-60% faster if there's support, as I won't be stuck earning minuscule sums on mTurk or other micro-tasking sites, allocating otherwise potentially creative hours, in an attempt to cover all my projects' costs. 

So I won't beg you to pledge to me or hire me. Neither is really needed. However, if you DO pledge, you will get a massive amount of amazing stuff either cheap or free. In fact, you may actually gain more from pledging than from NOT pledging, and I might actually lose money as a result of some of your pledges. That's how awesome the benefits here are!

I have made a lot of free things.  Many of them are on this website.  I would, however, like you to take a little bit of time to look at my work, if you want to. I have a bunch of free stuff I'm actively posting on the web that you can look at and enjoy. Games, videos, comics, still art galleries... not everything I create gets posted for free, but about half my stuff is.

There are also a bunch of higher-quality items - often paid ones - I have in development.  
These range from first-person adventure games like Miniature Multiverse and Panoramic Worlds, to my stock video and texture collections, to a revised version of Vivid Minigolf. (Along with other things)

Generally, my games will be launched on matthornb.Itch.IO and Steam and maybe elsewhere later on.

So, although I am working on a limited budget, there is no crucial reason for you to back me here unless you just want some cool and high-value bonuses - or would like to see my projects done sooner. 

I don't really *need* Patreon pledge money to get things done. I can get this stuff done one way or another, even if it takes a while. That's good insofar as it means you all can rest assured that rewards will materialize eventually, and it means that I can offer more value to pledgers than most people on Patreon. Or, if you don't want to pledge, it'd be appreciated if you'd just take a look at some of the websites I've linked to.

If you do pledge, however, it will be used extremely efficiently and all the cash raised will go directly into creative projects. If $125/month - my highest funding goal - is reached, let's just say you shouldn't be surprised to see some amazing indie games and videos result from that [ongoing - I'll keep starting new projects as the existing ones are completed].

You can also contact me through my bulletin boards on

I had offered higher pledge options earlier that allowed you to hire me as a digital or traditional artist on your projects. I'm still offering that, but not on Patreon. You can still email me and we can negotiate terms, or you can just buy custom work from me through eBay.I do a lot of made-to-order paintings and pastel artworks.

That's about it. Support my work, or not. It's up to you. Have fun, everybody! 
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This funding goal, if reached before the end of June 2019, will be sufficient to get "Miniature Multiverse' completed by the end of Summer 2019. Of course, anyone who is a Patreon supporter will get included Steam and Itch.IO keys for the game. And you'll all be credited in it too!
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