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About Mattie Safer


My name is Mattie Safer, and I am a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. I grew up in Washington DC and currently reside in Brooklyn (sometimes Los Angeles too). Many of you know me from my time with a group called The Rapture, but for the past several years I have been working as a solo artist, and released my debut EP All We Are in 2016. You can see and hear more about this journey at


Patreon is a platform for fans to provide direct support to the musicians and creators they love. For me, it is a means to acheive sustainability while connecting with my audience in a more personal way. With Patreon I can make music outside the traditional album-cycle model. You will be able to hear songs as they are finished, even as works-in-progress. Your support will allow me to create more art. And the more support I receive, the more that I can do for you. Rewards range from early access to new music and videos to opportunities to chat with me about the creative process -- even exclusive, live performances.


Becoming a patron is easy.  Unlike Kickstarter, where you make a large one-time donation for a specific project, with Patreon you make a pledge to me for a smaller amount that you will be charged on a sustaining basis. Whatever you choose to pledge, your account will be charged per creation, but you can set a monthly max so that you never go over a set amount. I plan to release 1- or 2 patron-supported songs or videos per month. If you have any further questions on how it works you can find answers here or message me directly at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your time, your love and your support. I can’t do this without you and I really hope we can build something great together.

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