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About Matt Porter

Hello, fine reader. 

My name is Matt, and when I'm not writing words about video games for a living, I'm writing words about... other stuff.

In particular, my short stories focus on dark themes. Psychological horror, death, haunting, that sort of thing (but don't worry about me, I'm quite happy in real life). You can find all of my work to date on my imaginatively titled blog, by clicking here. Warning: do not expect many happy endings. 

So here's the thing about Patreon: You're not paying for me to create stuff. Everything will always be available for free on my blog. Instead, think of it as a tip. If you like what I'm creating, throw me a few pennies. I can use it to fuel my coke addiction (I must stress I'm talking about coca cola, you're not sending me drug money).

If you throw me enough pennies, I'll be able to create more stuff, and make it more elaborate. This year I'm writing at least one short story a month, but with enough support, that number will most certainly grow. 

I'll also be setting funding rewards. For example, pledge enough and I'll write short stories based on your suggestions. Got a theme or a cool picture you like? Send it to me and I'll try and create something equally cool.

If you've got a taste for the macabre, you'll like what I'm doing. Please consider pledging, I'll like you a lot.

Yours luridly,

Matt Porter

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