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I am a qualified Life Coach, speaker and business person. I engage over 100,000 people annually through seminars, business, conferences and schools. I've spoken on national television on youth issues, nominated as Australian Of The Year and have been was awarded as Young Entrepreneur in the LMBEA.

I develop programs that educate young people, families and organisations on developing positive mental health, behavioural management, motivation with proven frameworks to combat anxiety and stress.

My goal is to help equip families and organisations with engaging and proven tools and tactics to improve their wellbeing and character. There is such a huge need for it. I've spoken in schools all sizes from elite grammar schools to rural country areas and more than ever we need assistance with managing mental health issues and offering programs and role models to display a positive way to live. 

My Current & Upcoming Projects:

- The Examined Life Podcast

In 2018, I began my podcast series around interviewing influential people about their stories, rise to success, how they manage their stress and life. Guest include Mark Bouris AM, Pete Evans, Osher Gunsburg, Janine Allis and more. The goal of the podcast is to give people an unbiased, genuine and helpful look into what it takes to live a good life in areas of business, mental health, relationships and spirituality.  I would like to aim to keep the program sponsor free, so your support would help keep this amazing program running and the conversation free from any influence of sponsors. 

- Mental Health Gym
I'm currently working on a mental health program that will engage with the fitness industry to assist gym's and personal trainers clients to overcome their psychological challenges that many faces with motivation and completing their goals. I have a gym chain of 40 gym's nationwide that really want to pilot the program, but I need funding to resource this. 

- Life Hacks Books
I recently released my first book called "Life Hacks For Mindful Living" which is about mental health and mindfulness. It is the first of many small and practical books that I want to release. The books are designed and written to engage and educate the general public on various topics and I want to release a school series on social media use, cyberbullying and anxiety.

- School Programs
Schools are requesting mental health and technology use programs to use in their wellbeing department. Many programs deliver a non-engaging and irrelevant approach to important topics.
Topics schools are asking for are:

- Social Media Education
- Anxiety And Depression (Mental Health Awareness)
- Anti Bullying

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I've been doing my podcast with sponsorships and It's been difficult to edit, invite special guests and invest time into reach more youth, schools and families. 

More than ever we need platforms that promote genuine discussions without sponsorship influence so we can discuss important ideas. 


The Podcast Is Here:

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