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The forest starts with a single seed.

A very special thank you goes to you, including a super warm place in my heart, and the best hugs I can craft. 

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Delicate, sensitive new life requires consistent care. 

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exclusive updates from the studio, and personalized fan mail celebrating you, delivered to your door.

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Light and moisture encourage growth.

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Occasional weird things (quotes, small drawings, interesting detritus) sent to you via United States Postal Service. 




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Hello friends!

Thanks for visiting my Patreon page and for your interest in sustaining my creative practice!

This past year has brought a renewed focus on the importance of my art-making and its role in my everyday life. Painting is the one thing I love to do with every fiber of my being. It is a world where I have creative control and the ability to play, explore, and channel my voice to the world.

This is important! I dedicated five years of my life working my keister off to become the best artist I could be in college. Art-making and expressing my creativity is more important to me than eating well, paying bills on time, or finding a partner. I have a unique story to tell, with unique energies to tell it with. This energy is all-too-often wasted stressing over the mundane details of everyday life. I find it a shame that now this same energy lies just beneath the surface, clouded by practicality and financial distress, only to emerge intermittently out of frustrated necessity.

I have no children, nor do I plan to have children. My progeny are my paintings, and I need your help for them to flourish! As you know, 'it takes a village.' So please take this opportunity to be a great auntie or uncle to my creative practice. Any small, sustaining contribution to this page shows your appreciation of what I do, and what I can do in the future. 

I've just entered the realm of making prints of my paintings, which opens a door into a whole new market for my artwork, allowing people to own low-cost reproductions of my work, instead of making a high-dollar commitment to owning an original. 

If you've ever wished you could own one of my paintings, or been one of my champions, offering *oh-so-appreciated* words of encouragement, please consider becoming my patron. See my work at

Thanks again for reading, and I wish you all light and love!  
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My creative juices are flowing best in the morning and daylight hours. I set this goal to be able to free up a day in my week to be able to dedicate to painting. 
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