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You wonderful Plebs get a follow from me on Tumblr or Gab and a plug for your blog or content that will also tell all my followers about how great you are, how big your dick is or how shapely your breastses are. 
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Crusaders get to join me in my one man war on shit. At this level you can submit a topic for me to dissect each month. This topic could be anything: an idea, a celebrity, a movie. Whatever you think needs to be ruined and or made fun of. I will write a full length article on the selected topic.
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This tier is for purchases of specific content. Currently this tier gets you access to a PDF download of my book of poetry: The Syntactic Reverie. It's a compilation of poems I've written. A collection of 50 poems ranging from genius to cringe inducing, either way they'll be a great read you don't want to miss.




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The world is full of shit and that shit needs to be ruined. Only you can make sure it keeps happening. And now you can take an active role in that ruination. Your generosity entitles you to aim the weaponized autism at topics of your choosing. What is it you hate in the deepest depths of your heart, what ideas being eviscerated would bring you great joy? I will also be self publishing various other creative writing works that you can access here.
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This goal will grant all God Emperors and Saints access to my first ever book in progress. A psychological thriller and literary masterpiece. A book so great it will make your brain more smarter and your dick more bigger. And if you don't have a dick you'll grow's that good. If I can't get it published I will just send you the file, and should it ever get published I will send you a signed hard copy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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