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Named for Pope #1. The guy who saw Jesus raise the dead, then didn't believe him when he said he'd deny Jesus 3 times. A holy dunce.

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Named for Pope #2, the guy with the blankie. 

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Clement of Rome
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Named for Pope #4, and the guy who almost had a letter featured in the Bible. 

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Named for the guy who was made pope after a dove landed on his head at the election party (yes, seriously - see Popecast Ep. 4). 

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Benedict IX
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Patronize the Popecast for $145, $147, or $150 per essay/episode and I will literally sell you the papacy. 




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About The Popecast

The Popecast is a short show about the popes of the Roman Catholic Church, for those who love history but aren't as fond of history books. We'd like to provide episodes of The Popecast – and its corresponding social media content (@thepopecast on IG, Facebook, Twitter) – to our dear listeners/readers for free, forever. 

But alas, producing content isn't free – lame costs like hosting and website fees, and fun costs like making sure our sound equipment is solid and the show's sound doesn't suck. Not to mention Mrs. Popecast's desire to ensure Leo XIV gets fed regularly.

So, we're asking for your patronage – join a small community of fans of the Popecast, who either praise our work blindly or yell "heresy" suddenly and startlingly, and who (regardless) patronize it for a few bucks every time we release an episode.

Don't worry, you can set a monthly cap and we'll likely average around 3-4 posts per month (Example: $3/episode x 4 episodes per month = $12/month).

Plus (the best part for you), if we don't post, you don't get charged!

In return we pledge our eternal thanks, early access to every episode, audiobooks of old papal writings and other exclusive content, and the occasional live video chat with Matt.
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At 25 patrons, I'll host a live Q&A and post as a special Popecast (to make all the non-patrons jealous).
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