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I don’t know if I mentioned this but… I got a new van and want to travel the US with it and play for you on tour! So.. here’s what you’ll get for helping me fill the gas tank :) 

- Access to the Patreon Feed (this includes receiving videos before they're released, exclusive photo sets + tailored content for Patreon only!)

- Access to the Patreon Only Discord Channel

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Buy me a cup of coffee for the road (the magic juice I survive off of) + here’s what you’ll get in return.. :)

- Demos + Downloads (Each month I put out songs on YouTube/SoundCloud, you will be the first to get the mp3's!) 

- The Patreon Only Feed

- Access to the Patreon only Discord Channel

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I love memories + even more so capturing them on film… Even though it’ll be hard not to keep it for my polaroid wall, I’ll send you one of these at this tier..

- One of a Kind Polaroid

- Demos + Download each month

- Access to the Patreon Feed

- Exclusive Patreon Only Discord Channel

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About Matt Walden

To sum up what Patreon is for me in 10 words or less...

'A way to create original music/covers/videos and survive' 

Hahahaha, I kid. I know it can seem a bit unconventional, but - each tier goes towards me creating something new! From a new song in the studio, to a vlog, to a cover tune - it's all things that my left side brain loves to do :) ((THAT RHYMED HA))

But - what makes this Patreon page a bit different is we get to work together like a DIY record label and YOU get to have a say on covers, album art, release dates, etc. Hell - I even post unfinished demos on here from time to time to see if you're digging it!!! 

I just want to say that I appreciate each and every one of you and can't believe I get to do this for a living. :')

Stay happy and healthy, friends.

Also - someone pinch me.

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all of your support means the world. thank you for helping me create new music + videos :)
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