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About Matty Rants

Hey I’m Matty Rants! I’m a TV & Movie Buff, who is all about 90s nostalgia and enjoys video gaming. I have a YouTube channel where I focus on Rupaul’s Drag Race, Pose, Movie Reviews and Live Discussions about all of our favorite things. We also discuss what we may be dealing with in life and lift each other up. I’m the friend you’ve always had on the internet that will keep it real, make you laugh and throw some shade.

I am working on a career in Acting, Hosting, Radio & Modeling. I have moved from the South to Los Angeles to make my dreams a reality. When I'm not on Youtube; I'm on Instagram doing live videos talking directly to my fans. 

Thank you everyone for the love. I'm working on more merchandise now and currently have products available on Tee Spring.

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