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You want to be included in the fun and this is how! You know I work better when I have an audience and someone to whom I am accountable! You rock!
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You are my sunshine...bloop bloop... my group of suns shining. You make me happy when I feel lame! Thank you.
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About Maura P. McLaughlin

You have watched me lead a charity for the past 6 years (3 full time). You're used to me running around the country, playing with artists, asking for help. And then CANCER.

SO NOW, in addition to the life of a founder making art programming, you will see here my visual, audible and written voice. This will become my platform where I start to make sense of the changes I've encountered in me and tell stories about the characters in my world - my world being real or imagined but definitely existing in Maura's World.
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What if we altered the phrase "starving artist" to "cared for artist?" What if we took the midwest mantra "get a job" which we throw at artists when they are making their art, to "we got you, keep creating?" What if we acknowledge daily the symbiotic relationship between art and commerce - artist and audience - for what it is, a dance between creator and createe?

This is what Patreon does best. It allows the audience to dance with the maestro by giving them the dance card. 

I think it balances what feels wrong, I think it offers peace of mind to human wonder of "how do they do it?" How does this person work so hard on their art and risk stability? 

They do it with you. Because of you. For you.

And my cancer has reminded me that I am one too. If only for you.

Consider adding to the list of places you contribute to the fabric of well being, my Patreon page.

Thank you.
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