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About maufluff

Hello, I'm mau!
Art has always been my passion - and also my only job. I've been working for a while now by taking commissions and being able to draw to the most lovely people. ♥
Now I wish to take a step further into my dreams and start my first webcomic: My Guardian Demon.
So if you'd like to support me so I can keep creating and sharing with you and the world my stories, please consider supporting me! 
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Webcomic: My Guardian Demon
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My Guardian Demon: "The Cat Princess, although one of the heirs to the Grand Cat Kingdom, has been pushed around and bullied since she can remember. And now that High School started, things just get even more embarrassing! She then turns to a shady book for help, not expecting to get such a handsome demon! Will this unconventional deal make her life easier as she wishes? Or did bringing the ruler of Hell just made it more complicated?"
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