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Hello.  I am a fiercely independent documentary filmmaker.  I have been working on documentaries for over ten years.  My films have been provocative, humorous, political, and personal.  My unique perspective is informed by street culture, graffiti, politics, and people on the margins.  I've worked on an Oscar-nominated film about Daniel Ellsberg and even went back to grad school to get an MFA in documentary film at age 35.  My goal has always been to tell provocative stories that challenge comfort and complacency.

Currently, I'm working on my second feature documentary, The Assassination & Mrs. Paine.  For the past three years, I've spent nearly all my extra time and money on this film.  With the generosity of many supporters, we now have a rough cut, and completion is on the horizon, but the toughest months of editing are ahead.

As an independent creator pushing the envelope of expression, my films don't necessarily fall into the categories that are well-funded by foundations or corporations.  The life of most documentarians is anything but glamorous. Documentary film is often a losing venture, financially.  That's why I'm appealing to you here on Patreon. 

The more support I get, the more time I can commit to making films like these:

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If I can reach $3500/month, I will be able to spend the majority of my time working to complete THE ASSASSINATION & MRS. PAINE.  At this level, I can dedicate myself to the film fully, without having to take a full-time job to survive.
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