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You've chosen to support a stranger on the Internet simply because I staved off your boredom for a bit. You're honestly pretty darn cool. Not only are you directly supporting my current and future projects, you also get some neat extra shit.

- Your preferred name/username in the credits of all major videos.
- Access to Patron-exclusive posts
-Anything else I can think of, adding stuff as I go along.




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So hey, I'm MaximumVolty. I've been making content online for a little over a decade now, and I've somehow kinda gotten decent at it. I'm a freelance writer, video editor, and voice actor. I'm also an aspiring game designer currently working on my first project. 

I've set up this Patreon to function more as a donation thing, and less of a perks/tier thing. Like my content and want to directly support me in creating more? Go ahead and toss me a buck or whatever, your call. Simply watching my videos and sharing them with others is already more than I could ask for.
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Goodbye, working in retail and food service. Hello, working on videos and other future projects that require lots of time, like game design.
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