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is creating Music and crafts and takes care of stray animals

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SO here I am!!!
Fighting for my dreams!!
 For more than 15 years now,I've been working as a crafter and musician.
I've decorated and painted houses,restaurants,hotels,toured the world as a singer
and had the most profound connection with people as a street artist!

I've also worked as a waitress,secretary,costume designer in theatres and many more
to be able to pay my bills but my art always had it's magic way of making me quit everything
and focus on "her" only.

Being an artist without compromise, has a big price to pay and I've learnt that the hard way.
With my new band Jaded Star everything from management to production,clothes and booking etc
passes through me.

I'm not complaining since I love doing it and this band is a dream come true order
to do all this I've risked everything I had...even what I didn't have. I'm working for the band and
for my crafts EVERY DAY for as long as needed and I came to the point where I wished the day
had more than 24 hours.

It's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last before falling asleep.
OK I admit it!!! I'm emotionally obsessed with my art and some people think that by trying to convince me to "get a real job" will help me ease my troubled mind...well I've got news for you...
This IS my job...and my "troubled mind" is what keeps me going!

 But I came to the point where I need support, true patronage, from YOU,if I'm going to take the plunge and have money to live and continue fighting for my dreams.

 Patreon is more of an ongoing commitment to me and my music and spontaneous art-making 
from which I can finally get paid!!
BUT you can pull out before you're charged at the end of any month - so it's risk-free!!! ;-)
 It's a platform where we can be in constant communication.
Every patron who's supporting me is important to this community, YOU ARE who I'm creating for,
YOU ARE the reason why I can Keep On Fighting and I'm glad you found me here.
 Whether you're backing me for a dollar,or ten dollars or more...

ps. If you're not familiar with my music please check HERE: and follow the

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I will make an acoustic mini live show for all my patrons!
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