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Hello there! Welcome to my Patreon site, make yourself at home!
My name is Max and I write and illustrate children's books, and I live in Wales, in the U.K.
I have recently graduated from Hereford College of Arts, and am now at the beginning of my career, so your support means a lot to me and really helps!
I hope you enjoy my videos and blog posts, I have a lot of fun making them.
Thank youuuu!
Max x
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Monthly blog posts featuring my news, sketchbook doodles and important lists, all illustrated and lovingly crafted into a delicious blog cake.
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Monthly behind the scenes videos, where I show you round my studio, illustrate all sorts of things, and other cinematic delights! All lovingly filmed and edited by someone who has no idea how to do either of those things (me).

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You will receive a monthly postcard from me, which ill draw all over and write something nice like "hey you are the best driver" on!

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ooh imagine that! if that happens I'll illustrate special desktop and phone wallpapers for you all to download! I promise it will be good.
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