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About Maxo

Hi friends!

I'm Maxo (Max in real life) and I'm dedicating my life to making music. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.  You may have heard me or my work through SoundCloudYouTubeBandcamp, or even 8bitcollective (rip) a while back.

I've loved and surrounded myself with music my whole life.  I went to an arts high school in NY and I graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in music.  My dream is to be able to have a successful and stable career doing what I know and love.

While I've been producing original music since 2005, I've only recently begun to pursue it professionally. I've been very lucky to have met success so far with my work.  My 2015 EP and website, Chordslayer (released through NHX) garnered a good amount of attention online, and even charted on Bandcamp.  My 2017 follow-up EP, Skyriser was released via one of my favorite labels, Trekkie Trax and is my first physical release available in Japan and available to order worldwide.  In addition to these labels, I've also been lucky to be able to work with Maltine, Brainfeeder, Activia Benz, Secret Songs and more.  I've had the opportunity to play shows in many places in and around America, and have also travelled overseas to play in Tokyo and Seoul.

Outside of my personal music projects, I keep myself busy making music for various forms of media.  I've scored several animations including Paul Layzell's No Ball Games, which aired on Disney XD in the UK, and Christina Lu's multi award-winning Sundae Stroll, which was aired on PBS.

I've also had the privilege of working on several game soundtracks in the last few years.  I've mostly done work on mobile games through Lucky Kat Studios (Combo CrittersBeat Street, an official Grumpy Cat game, and the award-winning Sky Chasers), but have also done work on other titles such as Rustbucket RumbleI wanna be The Cat and more.

However, due to the somewhat inconsistent nature of playing shows and commission work alike, it's been hard to generate a steady, livable amount of income.  I'll need a more consistent amount of support to continue doing what I do best.  This is where you come in!

Patreon lets you support artists and content creators by pledging an amount of money of your choice on either a monthly or per-creation rate.  I'm choosing to operate my Patreon on a monthly basis, due to the volume of work I put out regularly.

By becoming a patron, you're not only THE BEST, but you're also helping me support my dream of making music as a profession.

In addition, you can gain access to things like remix stems, private works in progress and old unreleased material! (full list of rewards is to the right)

Thank you SO much for visiting my Patreon, your support means the world to me!
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This would be an incredible goal to reach for me.  I feel like this is where I can really start to support myself and devote more time on new projects and new ideas.  Organizing streaming shows, more websites for my material, and cool music videos are just a few things that would become easier for me at this point.
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