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About Max Robert

I am an artist, workaholic and creator of Games and Art combined with Music projects with epic symphonic proportions (add an orchestra and we are good to go) inspired by iconic film/game music and pop art.

These art projects involve me making games, composing, drawing and animating all kinds of stuff. Five years ago I embarked on a musical path where I sought to combine influences from popular music with classical music, jazz and beyond with synthesizers plus my animated characters Max Robert, Arn-BORG(Later renamed to Algot Rythm) and Cynthia. I have scored music for orchestra and chamber ensembles, but now I am trying to combine popular music material with classical orchestral aesthetics, opera and more "experimental" sound fx elements.

This led to the creation of my first alternative synth pop album "Power-Pop"(Available on Spotify, Tidal etc.)plus animated short all done by hand by me. My follow up Album "Odyssey in Oddity" was a symphony in 4 Movements plus introductory fanfare based entirely on the themes and motifs from Power-Pop, a continuation of the story about the three main characters(Max, Algot, Cynthia) but even more orchestral than the first album. 

Now I intend to follow up my work here with new artistic creations that will combine game making and combining these two worlds, popular and classical, continually learning and exploring different harmonies, combinations of musical material. Not forgetting powerful movie like endings. Sentimental but sweet, the motivic structures are repeated and proclaimed in the end to give the listener satisfaction of remembrance and closure. That is my motto.

The Gesamptkunstwerk of our time lies in games and I intend on channeling all my artistic talents into that media.

To all of you out there who believe in this endeavor

My heart goes out to you
spread the word of galactic love and peace

Thank you
Max Robert

PS: Plus now, I have just made a complete game by myself with powerful orchestral music meets chip-tune on Steam Adventure in King Caries Land.

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