is creating Video Reviews on technology, and solutions to issues.
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About maxxmentum

If you have 5 bucks you are thinking about giving to help me make more videos: A) thank you, but  B) given the choice I would rather it go to some sort of animal rescue.  However, if you still want to put your credits my way, then thank you.

My creations are on YouTube where I have been adding content since 2010.  The content mainly revolved around new and old technology/products that I give my impressions on.   Sometimes its trip somewhere, other times its how to get around a problem with some equipment.   I was using the funds from YouTube to buy more equipment to review, but things change.  In short, if you want like what I am doing and want to support my take on things and reviews there is link to be a Patreon, paid or otherwise. 

Also, the pic above is "ghost cat" is Appa in  negative view.  She and her sister Momo are the raining fuzzy tyrants of the household.