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I've created a comic called "Ghost Grandma"

Genre: Comedy & family.


We have all at one time had a grandmother. Some have been lucky enough to meet theirs. Others had their grandmother pass away before they where born. But have you ever thought what would happen if she, despite being dead, could not move on? How would your day be if she started following you all the time and you’re the only one able to see her?

Jane is about to find out.

This comic is free to read over at! I'm not that interested in making "big money" but if I were able to get a few bucks here then I could spend less time working my daytime job. And spend more time drawing the comic! 

Should you decide to help me out over here at Patreon, then you'll read all the comic stripes weeks ahead of everyone else. You also help me financially = more time for me to draw the comic. 

Publishing: Once or twice a week.

If you like my comic then you can do me a favour and like the Facebook page. Or tell your friends about the comic.
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