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About Maza Redman

I am a Red Two Leg (Native American). We are Dreamers, some call us story tellers, I writes books, articles, and makes video's. My stories are about The People's history, past and current. From the beginning, to the end I tell the story as it unfolds across time. As I tell it one dream at a time. Many winter moons the Ancestors told their stories passing them on one by one around the sacred fire. We still do that, but now we are writing them down, making video's, and writing articles. Thank you for helping me fulfill the dream the Great Spirit gave me, by becoming my Patreon sponsor. I will post regularly articles, photographs, art work, and video's just for my Patreon sponsors. For every one else, I will make a weekly post so you know what events are coming up that you can attend from Pow Wow's to Art Shows. I will also post a weekly blog to keep you updated on what is planned to be next on my Dream List Projects.

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