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"Why I'm different from all photographers"

My name is Mauricio Botero and I am sure that I can change the world through photography.

I come from a country full of beautiful, hardworking and kind people but also a country with a past full of violence and negativity. I decided this is the moment to teach human beings values and love through the image. It is time new generations realize how beautiful life is and show them that dreams can come true only by believing in yourself.

Throughout almost 10 years, photography has taught me to understand the real problems of my country, what really hides behind the lens. Colombia, the country that I love and respect is the one I want to portray.

Thanks to my camera I understood if I want to achieve real change in a society that is biased to really strong conflicts, it must be addressed from early childhood and adolescence. The youth of Colombia must be respected and taught to love their own roots and honor not only their values and virtues as people but their abilities to be recognized not for what history has us  but for what they want to be and what they can deliver for to their society.

A few months ago, I arrived from a trip that changed my perspective of what slows us as a society. I decided that it is time to show the world how important it is to join as a society and work as a team. As I said before I am sure that I can change the world through photography and that is my main purpose.

What am I looking in Patreon?

I am looking for global sponsorship in this platform in order to expose the world to the reality not only of my country but also the reality of many countries worldwide. We are in a period of time where people must understand how important compassion and real love is for our human race.

I am looking for monetary sponsorship in order to achieve the main purpose of educating the next generations, what is important to change in our society only with values such as Respect, Compassion, Love and Honesty.
For that I need to achieve funds and thus be able to expose my first Artistic / Educational work to the world.

I understood that, as a documentary but above all as a Colombian, I have an obligation to show the world that we are more than a country marked by stereotypes, above all we are a society full of beautiful people who will never stop fighting and dream of a better future.

$0 of $5,000 per
When I reach the value of 5,000 dollars I will launch my first exhibition to the world called "Children of sand" a work dedicated especially to the new generations of a country that cries for a change; This photographic exhibition focuses on the Guajira Department, which is subdivided into four indigenous territories with more than 900,000 inhabitants (2015). According to the Chamber of Commerce of La Guajira in 2015, between 0 and 19 years old, more than 400,000 children and adolescents were estimated. It gives me full certainty that the clearest way to achieve such a change will be through wisdom. of young people and children who let themselves be guided by what they want and not by what the history and scars of this country tell them to do, starting with human values and respect for life

Part of the money will be donated to foundations focused on the region of La Guajira and will be destined to Health and education and thus be able to give a positive change in that region from education.
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