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About Sam Whiles

Hello everyone, greetings all Paul-bearers and Macca fans alike, yes we at 'Paul or Nothing' have decided to make the leap into the world of crowd funding! It's time to Listen to What the Man Says.

'Paul or Nothing' is a long form musical and historical podcast. Starting in 1969 with the collapse of The Beatles, we explore the personal life and history of Sir Paul McCartney, as well as reviewing every one of his post Beatle releases. From Wings, to The Fireman, to Kanye West, join us as we put the definitive stamp on pop/rock musics most influential characters.

'Paul or Nothing' was never intended to be a for-profit show, and it will always remain free to the public, however, if you would like to see the show expand through bonus content, better audio equipment, merchandise, videos and more high profile interviews then you may want to choose to support us financially.

Choosing to help this show in any form can only help it go from strength to strength.

Thank you for your time, and for all of my listeners. Without you this show would not be possible.

'Paul or Nothing'
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The show is long overdue for an upgrade to our sound quality. This would help take the sting out of getting a new mic.
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