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is creating World Editing Software for Minecraft
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You are not just supporting the production of your favorite Minecraft editor. You are also a hero of the Open Source movement, a kind and generous soul who pays for something that is given freely.

Also you get access to the Patron development feed. Which is kind of like the dev updates and screenshots I post to twitter, only they are longer and there are more of them actually not quite so many of them, oops!
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I will thank you publicly with a shout-out on twitter. You are an even greater hero of the Open Source movement for your support.

You also get:
- Access to the Patreon dev feed.
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Your name will be immortalized in the "About..." window of MCEdit itself. You are the true savior of the Open Source movement.

You also get:
- Access to the Patreon dev feed.
- Twitter shoutout




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About David Vierra

Hello and welcome! I'm David, better known as codewarrior0 for creating and developing the original MCEdit world editor (a saved game editor) for Minecraft since early 2011. I want to continue developing the latest incarnation of the editor, MCEdit 2.

MCEdit 2 will be a full-featured editor with a modern user interface, able to edit every aspect of a Minecraft world down to the finest detail. It will have all the features of the old MCEdit and more. MCEdit 2 will even be delivered as open-source software to ensure your freedom to improve and use it however you want.

Since software development is an ongoing process, I need your help to make sure I can give this project the attention it deserves.

I'm using Patreon as a pay-what-you-want subscription model. You can help me by pledging whatever you think the software is worth every month for as long as you want. Your recurring support will show that you want me to continue improving the program for as long as you're using it. You are welcome to continue using the software without paying a thing for it, but even $1 per month is a big help and will be greatly appreciated.

Pre-release versions of the new MCEdit 2 are available on the downloads page.
$23 of $300 per month
Advertisement revenue from Google Ads on mcedit.net has been a meager source of income for months. If this goal is met, the ads will simply not be needed and you won't have to see them ever again.
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