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About Carlos Garcia-Ruiz

Who is the Movie Professor?
I started 1985 teaching college algebra and two semesters later information technology, quality, productivity and business. Also I am person who loves movies and like to watch them from the average person stand point of view.
What do I do?
I select textbooks many universities are using to teach IT courses and create video lectures. I go and watch movies and record a short video about my impressions and I provide a ranking of the movie. This ranking help my viewers out to decide if it is a good idea to go and watch the movie. I follow a structured approach and for every movie review I review 5 elements: 1) general info and movie director; 2) plot/story (engagement); 3) acting; 4) other elements; 5) will we remember it in short, medium and long term?
I will use patron' support to create more information technology lectures/exercises and to go and watch every upcoming movie, help people in need with kids providing movie tickets to give them a little bit of fun in their lives, and to update my recording equipment.
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Help people in need with kids providing movie tickets and allow them to have a little bit of fun
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