is creating Painted miniatures for Wargames
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Gain access to the community page on Facebook, where I will post early images of projects I am working on.
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As Ranks 1 & 2, but I will also give away a painted miniature every bi-monthly to a random Rank 3 supporter.



About McGobbo

Hi, I'm McGobbo also known as Simon Parr. I have been painting miniatures for over 29 years.
My hope is to share my art with you all and I hope that you will enjoy what I share, maybe enough for you to help support me a little!
I appreciate fully your patronage and support, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Whether they are about myself or miniature painting.
Thank you! 
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When I reach $50.00 per month I will raffle a painted 28mm miniature (of the winners choice from a selected range) for the winner to have painted by myself.
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