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YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE 1994-CLUB and an official funder of the first ever web-page about Manchester City FC (MCIVTA was created in 1994). This gives you the bragging rights to all your friends who know about Manchester City FC (and the Internet). You are definitely one of a kind (this all goes for any pledge from $1 up.).
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YOU ARE A FREE CONTENT HERO. By committing to this pledge you are definitely helping the MCIVTA service remain online, free and open to everyone by help covering the infrastructure cost .
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YOU ARE ON THE ADVISORY BOARD. You know how sometimes someone says they're on some advisory board and they sound fancy? That's kind of what happens here. After pledging, you'll receive a link to join our "inner circle" list, which we'll use when we need feedback or suggestions or when we're lacking disciplinarians and need someone to put our asses in line. We also might let this list know about upcoming plans for the site before we announce them publicly.




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The football fan information service MCIVTA (short for Manchester City info via the Alps) is related to Manchester City FC and has existed for over 20 years. It is a completely free and open information service for anyone following MCFC. When it was created in 1994 it was the first ever web-page dedicated to Manchester City on the Internet.

MCIVTA was originally put together by Ashley Birch, resident at the University of Zürich in Switzerland, which inspired the name of the newsletter. Nowadays it’s looked after by Phil Banerjee, and Svenn A. Hanssen. The current MCIVTA team also consist of a few dedicated individuals who help the site and newsletter rolling, but we are always happy to get contribution or new members on board.

The raison d’être of MCIVTA was originally to keep subscribers around the world up to date with news and views from The Academy but with a strong contingent of local subscribers, there’s plenty for British readers too. You don’t have to be a City fan to join the list; there is at least one subscriber who is a United fan but prefers MCIVTA to the Man Utd mailing list...
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In addition to the time donated by the editor and multiple subscribers there is system and infrastructure cost with running the service which so far has been covered by the MCIVTA team itself. By setting this goal we aim to keep the service running, cover the infrastructure cost, and maintain a high quality and attractive interface. In addition we really would like to expand the service by being able to include relevant pictures and videos of high quality.
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