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        Hi, I'm Robert McKinney, and I write a lot of urban fantasy and science fiction.

        When people ask me what that means, I like to tell them about dragons and a whole lot of spaceships.

        Here's a secret, though.

        There are no dragons, and very few spaceships here. 

        I do have this, however.

        Hell on Wheels is an action packed urban fantasy thriller. Every single one of my patrons gets access to the full eBook, instantly. My Patreon also contains tons of short stories, previews, and more. 

        So yeah, sorry about the spaceships and dragons. I've made up for their lack with some of the most addictive urban fantasy and science fiction that you'll see today. 

        If that sounds like something you want, then join our community to get secret audio-dramas, never before seen stories, and even more treats sent to your inbox each week.

        What is Patreon, anyway?
        Patreon is a way to support creators by becoming a "Patron" of their art. I post new stories, and in return Patreon functions like an automated tip jar that allows me to do things like eat and write more stories for you to enjoy. Becoming a  $1 patron gives you access to all of my stories, eBooks included, while higher tiers provide access to bonus content—like voting for which story becomes my next audio drama or what eBook series I'll start writing next.

        How often will you be releasing stories?
        A few times a month to start, and hopefully once a week by the end of the year.

        Can I stop donating any time I want?
        Definitely. You can start or stop donations at any time. You can even set monthly limits on how much you'd like to donate. This option is super useful for those on a budget.

        Do you ever write anywhere else?
        I have a few books on Kindle, and a diesel-pulp fiction audio drama that I'm pretty damn proud of over at PseudoPod - a great podcast for horror stories. 

        If you want to try out some of my stories before becoming a patron, you can always check out my FREE collection of diesel-pulp fiction stories here ... 

        $10 of $150 per creation

        At 150 bucks a story, I'll be able to afford some quality audio recording equipment and assistance. We're talking audio editors, microphones, pop filters, and maybe even a professional voice actor or two.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts

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