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About Brady McKenna (Mckmuze)

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Patreon.
What is Patreon?
Patreon is where people can contribute to my VR shows and the music I create. All the money I make goes directly to increasing my online presence and supporting other artists that are interested in virtual performances. Currently, the money made goes towards streaming and server costs that myself and other artists use to stream their music into VR.  

Why am I asking for patronage?
This is my life's work and it takes time money and a lot of effort to run the websites, pay for software, instruments, strings, electricity, etc. Any bit of help allows me to do that much more for all of you and other musicians involved.

I am publishing all my work under the free/open source or collaborative commons licenses. I want to give it right back to the world for free in exchange for your support. I feel it's only right if I am asking for any kind of patronage.

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