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M.C. Marshall

I could always lie and say that the reason I went to Baghdad with the U.S. Army, was so I could read Nietzsche while the war waged on. But it was because I couldn’t get out of it, for my senior year in college . . . all while the 2008 Financial Crisis started to burst and spread like a prairie wildfire. And I had a duffle bag stuffed with books and an espresso machine near my Army gear. The characters I wrote about even tagged along, going on details with me in Iraq. I read anything from Salman Rushdie to Arthur Rimbaud—Schopenhauer to Sylvia Plath, Toni Morrison to Hunter S. Thompson. I have over 400 miles on my little dachshund, Sarge. We love taking the trails. Art museums are a priority when I visit Europe or some random American city. I can’t stop loving artist, Matisse or The Doors, rock group. My wife and I enjoy hockey and supporting Tulsa’s local rap groups. I write literary fiction with elements of science fiction, fantasy, history, and magical realism strewn about.

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