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Hey, I'm Jason McMaster and I want to thank you for reading this! 

I've spent my life thinking about, writing about and playing videogames. In that time, I discovered that I don't really like that many of the "big" releases. I want them and I buy them, but then I end up playing a half hour and going back to something else. I prefer games with depth over graphics. I love figuring out ways to do cool stuff in games like RimWorld or Stationeers. 

The thing that makes me happy nowadays is hanging out with my wife, Sonky, my friends on Twitch, and my cats. I love to share my passion with like-minded folks on my Twitch channel. I love making tutorial videos about games I find interesting.

What does Jason play?

I play a lot of different stuff! I'll stream anything from Dominions 5 to Stardew Valley and back to Rainbow Six: Siege. Mostly, though, I'm drawn to survival, exploration and simulation. I love to make tutorial videos about games I love! The most popular videos I've made so far are about RimWorld and Stationeers, but I'll record anything that catches my fancy.

When does Jason play?

Short answer: Tuesday and Thursday 8-10 PM Central Time.

Long answer: The regular time for my livestream is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 10 PM Central Time, but I often start early and play for longer than scheduled. I also stream at off times and on weekends, but don't follow a set schedule. Following the Twitch channel is the easiest way to keep up with when I'm online!

Replays of streams are available on the Twitch channel and are also uploaded to YouTube. 

Why support Jason?

Going forward, my videos will not have YouTube or Twitch based ads unless they are injected without my consent. I'd rather provide videos to people who want to see them without the hassle of having to sit through some irritating corporate garbage. Let's just talk about the stuff we really like and skip all the nickle and dime crap.

So, why should you support me if I'm not going to put ads on my videos? Good question! Obviously, if you like talking to me and hanging out in the stream, this is a way to contribute to the cause. It could be that you appreciate some of my tutorial videos and want to leave me a tip. Otherwise, I suppose you could support me because I offer a spotlight on smaller games and try my hardest to show you an in-depth, low-level view of all the games I play.

What do I get out of this deal?

Other than the knowledge that you brought a little joy to an old man's heart?

Supporters Tier

Each month, we will have a number of game giveaways in our posts and streams. At this level, you get access to these posts and chances at several cool games a month.

Alabama "Thor" Supporters Tier

Some of you know my secret identity. I guess you ALL know it now, actually, but I digress. For those in the know, this tier offers the chance to help your buddy Jason not get busted by Hydra. 

Rear Admiral's Club

The refined supporter needs, nay, DEMANDS something more. That's where the Rear Admiral's Club comes in. Though you have access to them, the lower tier rewards mostly bore you. You need a more... dangerous game. Now you have your chance. Each month, you can pick a game to stream and play with Jason. This can be any game Jason owns or can get for a reasonable price.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts

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