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is creating transformative dance experiences around the world
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About Meagan O'Shea

Welcome to my Patreon page.

I’m trying to save the world.
Through dance*.

I travel the world dancing with people in different communities. Using improvisation and contemporary dance as a way to re-somaticize society, by connecting people to their intuition, physical and emotional intelligence and bringing them together. I create performances for others, I perform, I teach and I facilitate creative process. I work with lots of different people, but most often with young women. I share experiences between people and places.
*dance is shorthand for a range of contemporary performance and making practices. Sometimes it’s dance-theatre, sometimes its improv, clown, storytelling, theatre, visual spectacle, installations dance-films.

Here’s what that looks like:
  • Creating dance together across languages in an international collaboration called Léxico.
  • Performing Dream Another Day ~ reaching into the future, a retrospect of the mess we're in now in radically different contexts.  
  • Leading improvisation for creating, performing & for social change with Listen & Lead: improv strategies for a better world.
  • Teaching ensemble improvisation for creating and performing dance like no one is watching
  • Animating, Occupying and Disrupting public space with dance like no one is watching


Upcoming Activity and Projects:

Dream Another Day, artistic residency, Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco, 11-12.18

To Be Announced by Léxico Project, Sismògraf Festival in Olot, Catalunya, 25.04.19

dance like no one is watching, surprise and spectacle erupt in unexpected locations as dancers perform spontaneous choreography created through shared improv practice. Summer 2019 tour.

Agency: Field Training for Women of the World, a compendium of shared wisdom and multidisciplinary hard skills.


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short films focusing on an activity and location - exploring the themes of place and time through movement and art making.
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