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MeatShield follows the adventures of a band of heroes in the fantasy world of Ardris: Dhur, son of D'oh, mighty half-orc barbarian and the fiercest knitter in the five kingdoms; Jaine, no-nonsense half-elven bard (okay, bardic graduate student) and very reluctant princess; Ch'p, halfling monk and pastry chef of the sacred Order of the W'Shaa; Becky, dwarven paladin and caber-tossing champion; and Vorpal, everyone's favorite omnivorous monster puppy.

With your support, MeatShield can help me support my family, which means more time to devote to the strip itself, which is not nothing, as Malcolm Reynolds would say.
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The call of the wild sings through your blood as a Barbarian! You'll get my deep and sincere thanks, access to the MeatShield Patreon news feed and your name on the MeatShield Patreon Wall of Awesome!
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You have a fine appreciation for the arts and have become a Bard! You receive all of the previous rewards, plus access to the latest MeatShield comic ONE WEEK early here on Patreon!
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You have centered your chi and become a Monk! As such, you are entitled to not only the previous rewards, but also you get exclusive access to The MeatShield Minute, monthly videos made by yours truly! You will also be able to submit questions for me to answer or topics to address!
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By devoting your life to squashing evil where ever it lurks, you are now a Paladin! As such, you are entitled to all of the previous rewards, plus after four consecutive pledges you will receive a color digital sketch of your choosing!
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The secrets of the multiverse are at your fingertips as an Archmage! This arcane knowledge grants you all of the previous rewards, plus, after four consecutive pledges at this level, a one-time cameo of yourself (or whoever you'd like) in a future MeatShield strip! 
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At the $500 per month level, there will be two bonus features each month.  These could be Encyclopedia Ardrisia articles, character stat sheets, special one-strip storylines, or something else that my brain hasn't even imagined yet.  No matter what I draw, you'll get two extra helpings of Meatshield stuff each month.
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