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A thank you and your name as a supporter of MechaBetty in the credits of Mechabetty youtube videos! Also get all of the latest MechaBetty news here first such as livestreams.
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Have your name read aloud during the credits, because you earned some extra recognition.
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Name read aloud and be automatically entered in any MechaBetty related contests for swag. Also you get to name a character/gadget/alien/etc (limit one per a patron, and keep it pg 13)




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About Titankore

The Adventures of MechaBetty is a fun scifi audiodrama series based on the old fashioned radio serials of the 1940s, the retro scifi style of the 1950s, some modern storytelling thrown into the mix, and all about the two ton dynamite cyborg dame MechaBetty!
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"We have a car battery too!"
With this we can afford to improve some of our basic equipment, pay for hosting on libsyn, and slowly improve the show.
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