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Mediatrix Press is family run and reader supported. We reprint books that have gone out of print and translate books that have never been in available hitherto.
We go the extra mile and do not merely create a facsimile, but we retypset all of our reprints from the original and add new images as well as fantastic font effects such as drop-caps and fleurons.
Our translations of theological writers from Latin are the first of their kind and completely independent. Currently we are making all the theological writings of St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Alphonsus Liguori available in English for the first time!
It takes a lot to support our work. Please support our work to get more great titles out there. If you subscribe today, for as little as $5 a month all Patrons will receive: A free monthly ebook and the subscriber newsletter; those pledging $10 will receive an ebooks, subscriber newsletter and a monthly podcast as well as excerpts from translations we're working on!
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Those who pledge $5 will receive a monthly e-book and a special subscriber newsletter. 
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Those pledging $10 or more will receive a monthly ebook, the Subscriber newsletter, access to a monthly podcast, an excerpt from translation we are working on and a code for 10% discount on books.

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