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Our mission at Mediaversity is to diversify onscreen representation.

While no story will ever be an exact microcosm of a country—nor should it be—our reviews strive to be a tool for people who value inclusiveness and fresh storytelling.

Our work is resonating in a big way, thanks to recognition by major outlets like The Verge, VICE, Variety, and the Chicago Tribune. In 2019 alone, our website traffic grew +173% over the year before. And as an approved publication on Rotten Tomatoes, we help balance a traditionally homogenous pool with underrepresented voices.

Why does representation matter?

Media shapes the way we see ourselves and the way we treat each other. Its power to humanize—or demonize—is immense, and the real-life ramifications are endless.

What does Mediaversity do, exactly?

We grade TV and films on metrics of diversity, rewarding fresh stories and untold perspectives. In addition to paying freelancers, we also mentor young writers, often collaborating with educators in the efforts to build a diverse pipeline of entertainment journalists.

Who is behind the project?

I’m Li, a Taiwanese American designer who first started Mediaversity Reviews on Tumblr in December 2016. By the time I launched the website in May 2017, we'd grown to small stable of contributors made up of women and queer writers of color.

Read about us here, and come hang with us on Twitter! We’re nice, I promise. 😉

Where would my money go?

Mediaversity is a self-funded passion project, but I can't keep this up alone. Writing, editing, and marketing our work takes money, time, and labor. Thankfully, I just need your help on the first!

In 2019, my budget was $6,400. The majority of my costs go directly into the pockets of women and queer writers of color. These writers deserve compensation for their labor—and you can help me make that happen.

Specifically, your contribution would funnel directly back into these ongoing fees:

  • Writers: I pay our freelance writers $50 per movie review and $60 per TV review. With your help, we can bring more voices to the table—and pay them more.
  • Coverage: Access to TV, films, and industry events don't come free. I pay for those movie tickets and streaming subscriptions out-of-pocket, same as you do.
  • Website: It costs $400 a year to maintain

Anything else?

See our funding goals, consider joining one of our membership tiers, and drop me a line at [email protected] if you have any questions!

PLEASE NOTE: If you become a patron, your first contribution will be posted today so we can send your gifts right away. After that, your donations will go through the 1st of each month.

Thank you for considering us in the ongoing push for progress! We're all doing the best we can do, so any amount is deeply appreciated.
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This would cover 64% of our current budget!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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