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MEDIEVAL WARS is an online collectible card game.
* Truly FREE play model;
* Alternative Medieval world with magic, religious miracles and legendary leaders;
* Easy-to-learn and interesting-to-master gameplay system;
* Different nations each with its own strategy, pros and cons;
* Currently released: Vikings, Slavs, Teutonic Order, and neutral fraction - Mercenaries;
* Both PVP and PVE battles;
* Level up and research powerful cards for your Deck;
You can try the game already following this link: play
Why are we here?
We already have a playable version with three nations released.
Though we will add more and more features - just imagine the alternative-styled Medieval world full of players fighting each other for the real territories with the help of powerful Heroes, might of Christian God and pagan spirits, full of mysteries and miracles.

With your help we'll create the whole world, full of battles, magic and glory.
Best regards,
$0 of $500 per month
500 - new card and nation every week
1000 - sounds, effects, chat, rating and many many cards.
2000 - global map to awesome multiplayer gaming
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