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We are Gary and Mike Petrin and we created BrothersP productions. We love writing songs, creating music videos and entertaining. Basically we are starving artists who would love to do this full time. We’ve been around for a while and we could never quite get over the hump of taking our creativity to the next level. Well any other level for that matter.

We’ve created a new show called Meet the Dysfunctionals that takes place in the 70’s. Parents could say what they wanted and raise their kids the way they were raised. If you have parents that grew up in the 70’s this show could explain a lot as to why your parents act the way they do. Not saying everyone had parents like the Dysfunctionals, but when we were kids we had a lot in common with a lot of other kids. A LOT!

On Patreon if you like what you see you can monetarily support us. That is if you are in the financial position to do so and have a sympathetic heart for starving artists. If anything we could try for the sympathy or pity angle when you realize this show is based on true events. Thanks Mom.

Where the $ Will Go

Well we would love to do this full time and spend more Benjamins on the creative process. Being able to use the kind of software and tools to create a higher quality product would be great! Even being able to bring on some highly talented creators would be wonderful. But we are realistic, we know that since we are just starting this adventure, we need to get the word out. It takes advertising chachingos to do it the right way. We need marketing pesos, dollars, yen, pounds,  well you get the idea.
For various levels of support, from single donation to monthly pledges, we offer different rewards like exclusive access to our Patreon only feed, your name mentioned in our "special thanks" section on our video's, and all the way up to writing you in as a character in one of the episodes.

If you decide that you would like to help us take "Meet the Dysfunctionals" to the next level and you simply want more, please donate. If you are unable to financially support us, please help us out by sharing our work on your social channels and subscribing to our Meet the Dysfunctionals Youtube channel. It would mean so much if you like us, you really like us!"

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When we reach 100 patrons, we will be able to complete our marketing campaign for Season One of "Meet the Dysfunctionals," and begin production of Season Two!
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