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From public access to the internet and beyond, Mega64 has been bringing you bizarre entertainment from the depths of the video game world since 2003.

You may have seen any of our "public game experiment" videos where we take video game weirdness and take it into the real world. Maybe you've seen our written/improv sketches & short films, skewering the game industry or perhaps achieving cerebral high art. Heck, there's a chance you've even seen our original half hour public access TV series on DVD or any of the commissioned videos we've made for Ubisoft, Nintendo, Microsoft, Kojima Productions, Funimation, SpikeTV, and many more. Oh, and we have a podcast too! It never seems to stop around Mega64 HQ.

We've done a lot over the years- and all of it has been done by three guys: Rocco, Derrick, and Shawn. We've also had help from our amazing friends of ours who have pitched in over the years to make it all possible! Everyone involved has strived hard to keep Mega64 going, but this Patreon is about taking our show to the next level.

So really, why are you doing a Patreon?

The short version: This is to keep Mega64 independent and free from having to rely on third parties or sponsored content. The more we get, the more freedom we have, the more we can make, and the better we can make it. We can devote our time solely to making stuff for YOU, the viewer.

Long version: Mega64 has been around for over a decade. And hey- for a group of friends hanging out and making wacky videos, it's been pretty great! But making funny business into a real business means hustling. Even though we've stayed independent over the years, we made alliances with third parties backing us up to make exclusive content (IGN, Gametrailers, etc.). In times when they aren't around, we relied on commissioned works to fund our productions. That's been our main creative strategy this whole time, and while it's still awesome, it means we have to focus a lot on commercial work while our more wild ideas get left on the table.

Mega64 has never been the biggest thing on the internet. But we'll roll the dice and say we've got one of the most rabid, devoted, and creative fanbases of any group on the planet. One question we're always being asked is, "when are you going to go bigger? When will you make more ambitious stuff? When will you take Mega64 to the next level?" Well, this is it. With your support, we can finally shift focus away from trying to make hit commercial stuff, and get to what our hardcore fans truly desire: Mega64 with more creative freedom. Through Patreon, you are funding our ability to create things on a level Mega64 never has before- without the worry of total annihilation or fiscal implosion!

Haven't you guys made fun of crowdfunding?

Yeah, sure- We've made fun of crowdfunding. People asking for too little to make their first AAA game, or too much for a 1st Class flight to Seattle. But we don't believe that's the case here. We're not funding construction of a space shuttle or anything else we don't know about- it's just about making the current Mega64 bigger and more ambitious. Any hardcore Mega64 fan knows what we can do when we work hard on a big project. This fund is to make that happen more.

What if I don't want to do the Patreon thing?

That's totally cool! Mega64 will most likely continue on as it has. We're not going away. But making this stuff isn't easy. You can help support us by buying merchandise from our online store or subscribing to us on Twitch. Anything you throw our way really does help a LOT. Your regular contributions through Patreon will really be the most reliable way of making sure we can consistently grow and flourish.

Anything else?

Yeah, the most important thing: Thank you. It's because of your support and your viewership that we've had all of these amazing opportunities. No matter what you choose to do, we can't thank you enough for letting us do what we do after all these years.

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MEGA64NIMATION!: Let's hit this goal to produce a new season of Mega64nimations! They're Mega64's most memorable candid moments, animated by a bunch of our favorite weird animators. If we hit this goal, we can do 6-8 episode seasons CONTINUOUSLY for our main channel!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 227 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 227 exclusive posts

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