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You will receive a coloured and shaded lineart piece from me!
I'll try to get in contact with you to ask you what you want drawn, if you don't contact me first. (Please keep in mind: I can't and won't draw sexually explicit artwork.)

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For this amount, I'll draw you an art piece in a style similar to the art below:

A mixture between a painting and coloured lineart, in my opinion! You'll also get your name up on my Patreon banner. :D
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Woah golly, laddy, $20?? Christ, thank you!
For $25, you'll get your name up on my banner along with a tiny doodle of your choice!
You'll also receive a painting, OR a coloured lineart piece (refer to tier 1) and a hybrid painting/lineart piece (refer to tier 2), it's your choice for your amazing generosity!




per creation


Hi! I'm Mega, I'm 15 years old (16 in January of 2017) and I love to do art.
I want to keep making progressively better and better art, and I want to share my art with those who want to support me.

You can find my art here:

The only reason I ask for money is so I can continue to keep my tablet and pen maintained, and so I can refresh my supply of pen nibs, essentials to drawing digitally. (At the time of writing this, it's been months since my final pen nib has gone blunt; I can still draw, but it's hard.) I don't need money for rent, food, etc, because I live at home with my family, so extra money will be donated to the New Zealand SPCA; Refer to my GOALS to see where the money is going!

....I know, I know, I'm young, aren't I?
Art, it's something in my life that brings me happiness, making art, and sharing it with people.
I can only hope you'll be willing to help support me, even without throwing money at me, support is appreciated, and doesn't go unnoticed.

Please check out my reward tiers, if you're interested! Every Patron will receive an art piece of some kind from yours truly, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me. <3

$0 of $50 per creation
If I'm able to make this much, it will enable me to buy and repair my art equipment-- I constantly need new pen nibs for my tablet pen, and boy, these are costly. Being somebody who draws a lot, I burn through these quickly. Extra money leftover from this will be banked, and used in case of emergencies (such as my tablet needing repairs, etc!)

I don't need to make more money than this, at this point in time.
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