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About Megan Devine

Hi there, friends!

This is Megan – your grief-advocate, grief-educator, grief-agitator – welcoming you to the Grief Revolution.

No matter what kind of rough stuff is happening in your life, my guess is you’ve heard versions of “cheer up! It can’t be that bad,” or “everything happens for a reason.” Maybe you’ve even said something like that to someone else. (it’s ok! It’s not your fault!)

Grief is the elephant in the room most people don’t talk about. The thing is, because we don’t talk about grief, most people don’t know what to do when major loss happens to them, and don’t know how to support their friends inside their losses, either.

That’s why we’re here.

Amazing things are happening inside our Grief Revolution. We’ve started thousands of conversations on the reality of grief, and what it really takes to support the people we love. Our patrons have been instrumental in spreading the word about the book, It’s OK that You’re Not OK, and helped us create the animated How to Help a Grieving Friend video – at last count, seen by over 26 MILLION people, and now used in training programs all around the world.

When you support us through Patreon, you’re not only supporting the creation of grief comics and cool animations, but you’re also supporting ALL of the content Megan creates to help bring the Grief Revolution to the world.

That means:

More animations!
Comics that validate & educate
Q&A videos and columns
Training resources for therapists, medical professionals, and first responders
Resources to help companies care for grieving employees & customers
Outreach & collaboration to make change happen in big ways
and more (with a Revolution of this size, there’s always more….)

I mean. There’s so much work to do to change this grief-averse culture. Your support means we can make useful tools in a lot of different forms so everyone can learn how to respond to grief with a little more skill & grace.

I can’t change this culture without you. Join the Grief Revolution as a supporting patron, aka: member of the family.

So how does all of this work? How can you help support the change that’s ahead? Glad you asked! Here are the basics:

First things first, what is Patreon?
For an overview of how Patreon works, there’s a great primer HERE that explains everything.
As a patron, you'll see all of my new creations first! Before anyone else! You’ll weigh in on the new stuff we create. And you'll get access to a growing community of people who know that grief is not a problem to be solved, but an experience to be carried.
Unlike a Kickstarter (where you donate a one-time amount of money to one big project), Patreon is ongoing. It's easy to sign up. We operate on a monthly pledge model, so you just pick a donation level- $2, $5, $10, etc, to be charged once a month.

Patreon has the huge advantage of offering patrons on a budget (who can only afford $2 per month) a way to support this cause they believe in without breaking their own banks, AND offering people with a lot to give ($100 and $1,000 patrons) an easy way to be big supporters of the Revolution. This is a community, and everyone pitches in what they can to make the world better for everybody, even those who don’t know yet that this Revolution is for them. I love you all for that.

How does this monthly pledge model work?

You get charged the same amount every month, no matter how much content we create.

For example, if you choose to pledge $5, you only ever get charged $5 each month. Whether we release three pieces of content or 30, it's still $5. No surprises.
(You can also pledge custom amounts! $9, $15, $108, the choice is yours.)

Rewards and Pledge Levels

Each pledge level has rewards associated with it, everything from bonus online content to physical items EXCLUSIVELY for our Patrons! Check out the different pledge levels over in the sidebar.

I’m a longtime Patron, how do I switch over from the per-video model to the monthly model?

It's simple. Here are your choices:

1) Do nothing. Your per-video pledge amount automatically became your monthly pledge amount. (this will likely result in much less per month than you’re accustomed to)

2) Change your pledge amount. You can either look at what your monthly totals have been over the last few months, and choose that amount as your new pledge, or you can make up a whole new pledge amount. Totally up to you! For details on how to edit your pledge, or how to do it in the mobile app, go here.

For example: if you’ve been a patron of the Grief Revolution at $3 per item, and you do nothing, you’d see one charge of $3 each month. If you elected to change your pledge to match your previous support level, you’d click that link above, and choose your new support amount of $9 a month (based on your previous $3/item at an average of 3 items per month).

It sounds confusing, but the process is pretty simple. Just pick your monthly support amount, follow the instructions at this link, and you’re done!

The important thing is that we work together to make things better for grieving people, even when things can’t be made right.

This cultural revolution stuff isn’t easy. I’m good, but I can’t do it alone. It’s going to take all of us. Speaking the truth about grief. Speaking the truth about love. About how hard it is to be here sometimes. About what it really means to love each other well. That elephant in the room needs to be addressed, and we’re just the folks to do it.

Want to be part of the Grief Revolution? Educate and advocate when you’re able, seek out kindness for yourself and offer it to others, and if you’re willing to be part of the family, come on over and join our Patreon community. It’s the headquarters of the Grief Revolution.

Even if you can’t pledge anything, just sharing the content we create (all of which is free) helps grieving people feel heard, and support people feel better informed. Sharing our work helps bring the Grief Revolution to the world.

THANK YOU from all of us at the Grief Revolution. We’re just getting started.
See you soon.
Megan, Maika, & the rest of the team
192 of 300 patrons
300 members in the Grief Revolution means we can employ dedicated artists to create comics and illustrations on a regular basis. More pictures! More animations! More fun things! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 165 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 165 exclusive posts
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