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About Bossmeggan

I’m a modern nomad in pursuit of helping others find freedom. Not in the flag way (necessarily), but in the quality life way. I believe that if you want to travel more, nothing should stop you!

I’ve spent over two years living and working abroad and lived in four states as a data miner, farmer, concierge, cheese-maker, tour guide, volunteer, jeweler (huh!?), builder, ski bum, professional foodie, touring singer, actress, spokeswoman, and comedian. 

After/through all that, I finally found the courage to do what actually makes me happy: pursue writing. I have a blog about the creative quest, and a finished book about how to travel for free (available now!).

I'm also working on an interview-style podcast featuring budget and free travelers along with travel inspirations (soon available here). Next up is a translation of Seneca's Moral Letters to Lucilius (with a modern twist!) and after that, a fantasy novel with a female heroine that is simply going to be badass.

I'm using money from freelancing and other odd jobs, but extra funds for my rather large goals would be awesome!

If you want to make a living from your passion, take this quest with me. If you believe in the quest, throw me a bone. Or not. I’m just happy to have you here.

However you wish to do it—by subscribing to my blog, donating, high fives, etc. Just help me stay accountable.

Help me believe I can do it, and I’ll try do the same for you. Promise!