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About Meghan Hudson

Hello potential Patrons! 
This thing is under construction!
My name is Meghan. I'm an interdisciplinary artist in Santa Cruz, CA.

Rather than seeking a onetime fundraising goal, I'm asking you to join me in my artistic endeavors. Be my patron!

Becoming my patron will allow you exclusive access to all kinds of cool and freaky shit. I'll take you behind the scenes, into my studio, on the road. I'll make videos especially for you. I'll teach you how to roller skate backwards. I'll show you my Burning Man costumes. You'll get collectors items, sneak peaks, early bird deals, give-aways and first dibs, on prints, paintings, clothing, --all kinds of things I've made and/or found. Maybe you'll see something you want in my incredible and insane troves, just ask! While we're at it, what else do you want??

Becoming my patron will allow me to maintain and expand upon my artistic practice.
Human directional, for example, is a performative piece that requires a spinning sign, full length mascot costumes, and dancing hard, for as long as I can, on a street corner. It is not a piece that has earned me any money. It's not supposed to. And I continue to be compelled to do it. Also, becoming my patron means you get to vote on what the sign says.

As my patron, you are doing something invaluable. Not just for me. We are in this together. This world and this life are beautiful, but it is also time to ENACT SOME MOTHERFUCKING CHANGE.

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