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About Meghan Penton

Hi, I'm Meghan -- artist of all sorts. Illustration, comics, painting, fan art, traditional art -- you name it, I do it. I love drawing, but sometimes being an artist presents a special sort of dilemma: I have these skills, so that must marketable, right? But I don't always have the energy to take commissioned work, over and over. How can I create fan art, paintings, tutorials and all the other things I usually do and not feel insanely guilty about wasting time that would otherwise be spent making, well, a living?

That's where Patreon swoops in with a good answer. With your support, I can make more art without all that gross, real life need-to-make-a-living BS getting in the way. Beyond the obvious (art!) I'll also be creating tutorials, sharing works-in-progress, PSDs, and other things! Reduced price and Patrons-only commission spots? You bet. Early access to drawings otherwise unseen on the internet? Yep. Fan art absolutely exclusively for Patrons? Oh, absolutely.

Future rewards include narrated videos/Livestreams, HQ downloadable line art to color, polls to influence future work and more tangible rewards. What else could you possibly want? I'm not sure! There might be a reward tier for that too!

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When I reach 20 Patrons, I'm gonna implement a Patrons-only poll to submit/vote on what I draw next!
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