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About Meg Stein

I am a sculptor, artist, curator, arts organizer, feminist, activist, meditator, and sci-fi loving optimist. I am a working artist, which means that art is my primary job. 

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• Creation of new work. My studio practice involves creating biomorphic mixed media work that agitates social and personal ideas about femininity, identity, and vulnerability. At times playful or absurd, at others psychological or disturbing, this is work that hovers between boundaries-- animate and inanimate, childlike and womanly, known and unknown. This is work that enlists our subconscious associations and distorts them by confusing what is expected.  

Exhibitions of my work and artist talks, like at this group exhibition, This Body, at Garis & Hahn in Los Angeles in fall 2018. 

• DIRTY WHITE MATTER is a community-based project that uses art and group discussion to confront whiteness, de-purify white femininity and increase accountability. More at

If you aren't already a patron, please consider supporting my work. You can donate as little at $3 a month. For your support, I am also offering rewards, which will allow me to share even more of my work and process with you. Check them out in the right-hand column.

For more info on my work visit If you'd rather make a one-time donation to support my work visit You can also follow me at for regular image updates of new work.
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