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Who are we?
Founded in September 2013 out of former Meizu Me staff, Meizufans is the oldest and largest Meizu Fan Community existing to date.
The site has been formerly acknowledged as an official Meizu forum by Meizu HK and Meizu China.
However, as Meizu hired one of the co-founders and argument broke out and therefore Meizufans proclaimed its independece.
Since then a couple of years of beef with Meizu have followed.

What do we want?
Remember when we disclosed our earnings?
In general Meizufans always managed to make up a good amount of money per month. However, since we changed domains and started a new approach to display ads in a more user friendly way, earnings have significantly decreased.

Of course - sooner or later they will climb up again. Still, this shouldn't be the goal. Money is a great thing, which can change a lot, but as we understand Meizufans as a community driven site, it would be better that the earned money is coming out of your pockets.

Why? First of all you know what the money is going to be used for (check out our goals). Second, because the source of this kind of income is entirely independent from other companies.
As critized in our past article - nowadays there are way to many sites, which claim to be independent from advertiser, but clearly use affiliate links or an unbelievable load of ads.

A conflict of interests.

While its a legitimate thing to earn money with your work, we want to target a different goal.
Meizufans is as of now a one man project. Its only one person replying to all your questions, writing articles and keeping you updated. That person is me - Rey.

Somewhile ago I disclosed how much money the site has earnt in a blog post.
To be honest, the way I have dealt with the sites income can be argued, but one thing is clear. More money should be dedicated for community needs. At the same time there should also be absolute transparance.

Therefore there will be guaranteed monthly reports of our expanses, containing bills and invoices.

0 profit policy
To underline the seriousness, we want to follow a strict 0 profit policy. Every cent left over will either be donated or invested into the community. There is no space for personal greed.

This doesn't means though, that we will be "dry" as soon as everyone quits their Patreon membership. Instead we will create a backup of $200. As soon this goal is completed, the 0 profit policy is going to take place.

How to claim your badge?
Just message us and send us your username. Alternatively you may also send us an email to [email protected], if this is more convenient for you. We will get everything done within 36h.
$0 of $65 per month
Remove any kind of advertisement from Meizufans forever.
This amount covers our expanses.
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