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W E L C O M E //

Welcome indeed to the guild, there is so much to see!

☞ Access to Patreon exclusive feed, revealing unedited images and never-before-seen photos

☞ Blog writings as an extension to my main one (Neoteric Elven Sanctuary)

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T H A N K   Y O U //

 I am grateful for your presence by my side.

☞ All the benefits of a guild member

☞ Editing and drawing process collages / time-lapses / tutorials (as much as I am capable of)

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G R E E T I N G S //

Hello friend!

☞ The lord of the tiers, master of all tiers (amongst my realms)

☞ All the benefits of a trusted advisor

☞Two parcels each year, one for Yule / Christmas and one for your birthday including cozy tea packs, trinkets, a written note, small sketch  and mayhap more. (Requirements: The person has to be a patron for at least two months)



About Şeyma

Şeyma I am, an aspiring artist from Turkey.
I enjoy defining myself as a Modern AU Elf, molded and sculpted greatly by fantasy literature, video games and all the magical wonders around.

(Of course we all are humans, but it is fun to imagine and ramble along, am I right? ;))

On other realms:

Since the introduction phase has been dealt with, 'tis time to open up the doors!

Welcome welcome! Sit by the hearth if you want, would you like some nifty snacks as I tell you my vision? Cookies maybe or vegetable crisps? Oh I have some delectable drinks as well if you feel thirsty. My favourite is the rose green tea, I highly recommend it.

Oh, 'Where am I?', you might be wondering:
On this realm of Patreon, you will embark upon some behind the scenes of my edits and drawings along with some exclusive photos. Let us not forget the small extension of my blog, time for some daily dose of magic and elfing around. *mystical hand gestures*

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

for visiting my Patreon (ands hopefully donating thehehe) All the love and glitter from this odd soul! ♥
2% complete
A step towards making my dreams come true and bringing my visions & ideas into reality.

Mayhap I can obtain some garments for a better reflection of self, mayhap I can improve the quality of my photos, mayhap I can travel around...

Perhaps I need economic 'help' in much bigger scales for better life standards but for now, your thoughts, support and love are enough. Thank you! ♥
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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