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First Quarter Moon
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-Thank you for beginning a lovely First Quarter Moon-

  • -Your name at the end of my Youtube videos as thank you and to show my support for you!-
  • -A lovely postcard sent to you in the mail, customized for each month-
  • -You will see sketch work, line-work, and rough drafts of anything I am working on!- 
Last Quarter
per month

-Everything from the previous tier-

  • -See and vote for a piece of fanart you would like to see drawn from me-
  • -Stickers sent to you that go along with the postcard-
  • - A personalized three Oracle Card/ Rune Reading of any messages or advice your guides what you to hear, sent to your email.
New Moon
per month

~Everything from the previous tiers~

  • -A  8x11 glossy print of any of my available pieces (shown on my website)
  • - A Detailed Four Card Spread of Oracle/Rune in which I will speak on various topics with you, as well as include pictures of the spread, sent via email



About Mellie's Crafts

Who am I? 

Building happiness through art and spiritual guidance! I'm Mellie, or Moonstar Silversky, whichever, and I love to draw, write poetry and prose, and I love to talk about religions and witchy topics! I am also a witch, with about 15 years experience under me as well as I have a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies. I love cartoons, anime, fantasy, video games, and a lot more! I have a book of poetry published at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

That being said, I'm a struggling artist and witch who would love some support from wonderful people like you.

If you can't support me here, consider Buying me A Coffee?

What's in it for me?
Art! Spiritual Readings! Happiness! (Well, I can't guarantee that, but you get the idea!) You, lovely person, will receive wonderful artwork and/or spiritual readings as part of your support! I have postcards, stickers, glossy prints, canvases, and even Oracle Card/ Rune readings awaiting you depending on your pledge! 

Okay sure, but why? 
I really want to improve my artwork, get critiques for my writing, and be able to make art/writing full time! I also want to connect more to the people around me and feel close to my own spiritual being. I am living at my in-laws currently, and I really want to be able to afford more equipment, better art supplies, and better art prints. 
With your support, I will be able to give you more content, edited videos, and not feel so stressed out doing so! 

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I want to make better videos for you, which means buying a stand for my phone and a good mircophone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
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