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About MelodiMade

Hi, Artsy, Craftsy, Junk Journal Makers!!
Melodi here, 
It is so amazing to see you here! Thank you for coming over. Let me tell you what I share here in Patreon. I am a Junk Journal Maker, mixed media artist, digital artist plus I am the owner of and founder and admin of AJJM and NJJM, 2 of the best junk journal Facebook groups out there!
My Patreon page gives you the opportunity to support your own creative inspiration journey whilst supporting others too! Not only are you supporting me but you make it possible for me to share more with you both here and in my groups too.
AJJM is an exclusive monthly sub. group for members who are experienced at junk journal making. We have well known house artists who share their creations and time with you!!!
I want to continue to create a safe haven for my fellow artists, crafters and newbies who want to learn in a supportive atmosphere. I put 60+ hours in a week into the groups, events, tiers and live videos. Hanging out in my groups is like stepping into my craft room and crafting with me. My members are the best of the best! Kind, supportive and talented. I am excited to share my gelli plate painting and digital art journey plus making junk journals with you.
Digital freebies are flowing in all tiers!! Higher tiers have percentages off in my store and a gift goodie bag sent to you in your birthday month! Check out my tiers!! Hugs and I appreciate your consideration.
***There is a business tier for those of you who want to advertise in NJJM, no frills (no percentages off or gifts). You don't have to participate in events.
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I will hold a raffle here in Patreon!! 
I will Raffle off Junk Journal Bundles (35.00 value) created by
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