is creating Sims 4 characters and animations
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You're helping support my efforts in making content that is great! You get an invite to my Discord server and a chance to vote in polls and get all the goodies before I release them to the public!

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These guys get everything the minute I finish it! As soon as it's done it is zipped and uploaded with love just for all of you!




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About Menatombo

I'm creating anthro characters for the Sims 4. (And maybe the Sims 3 if there's enough interest.) 

Like I said I'm creating anthro characters and everything that goes with them. Tails, feet, ears, animations, and everything in between. Also creating custom traits for these creatures as well as jobs, and animations. Not just jobs, but careers just for them!

This is no small job and will take time and work! This is why I decided to create a patreon for my work. 

If you become a patreon you'll be able to tell me what to create as well as being able to get all my work earlier than anyone else. All the fun stuff as well as being able to have your voice heard and your demands met. (Within reason, folks. I'm just one panther.) 

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I'll open a vote on what mod, animation pack, or characters to create.
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